Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's not Pop Culture...it's Josh Culture


Some of you may have found your way here via my other blog, Twitter, or just by chance. You may have enjoyed my writing dating back to social media relics like LiveJournal and MySpace.  It was on those sites that I truly enjoyed writing off the top of my head on just about any topic that I wanted.  Although I love my other blog (no, it isn't ending) and the many great opportunities that have arisen from it, I missed just plain writing.  Wrestling memorabilia, as fun as it is, is a very niche topic.

A few years ago, I attempted a second blog.  I went into it with a rant from the get-go, and it just wasn't fun. Even after that failure, I knew that wouldn't be my general blogging end. What I wanted was something with the same multi-platform aspect of "JW's Wrestling Memorabilia," but without the structure and parameters that I've set for myself there.

For that blog, I have set times, set stories, and a regular stream of pictures.  I fiddle with it until I get it right, and I don't like to stray too far off of my regular path.  Josh Culture is essentially me letting my hair down.

As much heat as it takes, Twitter is a tremendous extension for a blog.  Free advertising at it's best.  This blog and my corresponding Twitter account make up Josh Culture.  It's pop culture, life, and the stories that intertwine it all.  It's the things that interest me and, in turn, will most likely interest you.  Even if the topic doesn't necessarily thrill you, I've been told that my writing sucks people in.  I don't know that I necessarily want the word "sucks" anywhere near a description of my writing.  "Folksy," on the other hand, is a description that would please me immensely.

Thanks for joining the ride.  It might be a bit bumpy, but we'll stop for some good food along the way, and you'll come home with a new memory or two.  Guaranteed.


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